Tracking Your Ever-Changing Internet Edge

Know Your Unknowns

Your organization’s Internet Edge is made up of all of the devices, infrastructure, and services that are Internet-exposed. Adversaries are constantly searching the global Internet for process gaps, policy violations, and human errors that allow them to breach your Internet Edge and gain access to your network. It only takes one unknown or forgotten asset to give them that foothold.

IT operations and security teams must know and manage the risk posed by all devices and services running on their Internet Edge, and this white paper details the technology and perspectives they should consider in order to secure their constantly changing Internet attack surface and protect your organization’s Internet Edge.

You’ll learn:

  • How attackers are using digital transformation missteps as opportunistic ways into your network
  • What assets and systems make up your true Internet attack surface
  • Critical capabilities necessary to discover, track, and monitor all of your Internet-connected devices as they change over time

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