Global Edge Tracking: Getting Complete Network Visibility

Know your Unknowns

Learn why it's essential to discover and monitor your entire Internet footprint.


Despite the conventional wisdom of the past, organizations’ networks are constantly changing. To help security and operations teams keep pace, it’s important to have a continuously updated view of your all-digital infrastructure that makes up your Internet footprint – your “global edge,” so to speak. Without that visibility, attackers will jump at their chance to use an unknown or unmonitored asset as their foothold into your organization.

In this webinar, Sam Curcuruto, Director of Product Marketing, will talk through the changing digital landscape and how Expanse helps security and operations teams achieve the visibility needed to protect digital infrastructure, both on-premise and in the cloud.

You'll learn:

  • How attackers see your organization’s exposures on the Internet
  • Why continuous monitoring of your global network edge is necessary for all security and operations teams
  • What can be done to secure your assets and reduce your attack surface

About Our Speaker

Sam_Curcuruto.jpegSam Curcuruto is the Director of Product Marketing at Expanse. He focuses his day to day efforts on spending time with network and security teams to ensure that Expanse helps them better defend their infrastructure from constantly changing cyberattacks. Sam has previously held product marketing positions at network and internet security companies and is currently pursuing his CISSP certification.

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