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The supply chain is critical to every organization, yet the vast majority of solutions for managing risk only provide a rating or a snapshot from a single point in time. This makes operationalizing information to remediate potential risk incredibly difficult for security and IT teams.

As a result, there is an immediate need for a completely new approach to supply chain governance.

Learn how you can improve the operational security of your strategic suppliers, fix exposed Internet Assets, and discover suspicious network traffic in your supply chain that no one else can find - anywhere in the world.

Watch this master class on-demand hosted by Matt Kraning, Expanse CTO and co-founder, to learn how to:

  • Eliminate Risks Across your Supply Chain
  • Build Shared Governance Driving Global Accountability
  • Leverage Expanse Link for Accurate and Comprehensive Discovery
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About the Speaker

Dr. Matt Kraning is the CTO and Co-Founder of Expanse, a San Francisco-based software company whose products are deployed at many of the world's largest organizations, including all of the US military services and dozens of Fortune 500 companies. Matt has over a decade of operational and academic experience in cybersecurity, planetary-scale data collection, and machine learning algorithms run on massively parallel systems.

Prior to co-founding Expanse, Matt worked for DARPA, including a deployment to Afghanistan. Matt holds PhD and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering, and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, all from Stanford University.

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