New Challenges and Strategies in Attack Surface Reduction

For Forward-Thinking Security Teams

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Many organizations have rapidly shifted to a remote workforce model. This means that as employees connect to corporate resources from their home Wi-Fi, residential networks are essentially a part of the enterprise network. This gives rise to new threat vectors that bad actors can take advantage of, such as when an employee makes an RDP connection without a correctly configured VPN.

New threat vectors arising from remote work are one of many considerations security leaders must bear in mind to control and reduce their attack surface. Join this webinar with Expanse Cyber Research Engineer Leo Olson to explore the latest challenges in attack surface reduction. You’ll learn:

  • How the rise in teleworking has created new challenges in attack surface reduction
  • Best practices to gain visibility into all of your attack vectors
  • How Internet Operations Management can help reduce risk for your organization
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About the Speaker

Leo Olson
Cyber Research Engineer, Expanse

Prior to joining Expanse, Olson spent 22 years in the United States Army, where he served as a Cyber Operations Technician and Signals Intelligence Analysis Technician and was a subject matter expert on offensive and defensive cyber operations, assets, and personnel.

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